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What Is Ad Posting Work..



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               How to start online ad posting jobs .. 



You may called this as an Online Classified advertising  Job. You probably know about olx and quikr (Nonstop TV advertising) , you can post free ad and get customer for your products or service. The same method apply here as a business purpose. Yes when we post thousands of ads into various classified websites , then it’s called as online ad posting jobs.


Jobs Description:

Its Classified advertising work , You will be Provided a list of classified website(1000-2000) and an Ad mater (Ad mater means a content of work document included advertising title , description , contact phone number , email address , and other required information.)

Now You have to post bulk classified ads online and send report to Team CYBER EXPO to check out. After checking your report you will be get paid 5 cents on Per ad posting.

How to Post an Classified ads on Internet?

Ad mater.

Classified sites list.

Ad related photo.

A third party email address to new account registration on classified site.

Step by Step Guide: 


Open a classified website and click on post free ads button.

Some classified website may be asked to enroll your name and email address first to appreciate free ad posting , Simple register using your third party email address.

Now a new form will be appear, make sure to open your ad mater and paste all the required data(3-8 fields may be their) by copying from ad mater.

Now check the Term of Service and type the security key.

All set , now be ready to go by pressing publish your ads button may this time its look like submit your ads.

Okay , now you have to collect your published ad URL for reporting. You can retrieve this URL by checking any email from that particular classified website or clicking on dashboard or my listing page over that classified website.

Jobs Requirement:

For Getting started  , you suppose to have a computer , internet connection and free time.


You have to spend time up to 3 hours to 7 hours for maximum revenue. If you want to take this as a part time jobs you should appreciate a free time of 4 hours in a day.

Rules & Regulations



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  • Basic Account Never Be Block Forever..

  • Professional Account Will be Block..If Your 2 Assignment Rejected In Continuously 2 Weeks.

  • American Package Block Conditions..

  • Continuously 4 Weeks Rejected.

  • Classified List Not Valid...

  • Multiple Accounts Submit Same Assignment.(Same Email)

  • So Admin Can Block the Account.            


  • Never accept double post in sites twice in a month....

  • Duplicate Ad listings: Any ad posted more than once with the same content or Title in the same city and category would be considered as a Duplicate Ad.   

  • Spamming/gibberish/vague Titles or Description........

  • Special character(s) and Tags is banned.......

  • Links to other Websites, Social Media and/or email addresses are not allowed.

  • Must be submit ad same category and sub category as we mentioned...   

  • Do not use Irrelevant ....

  • Never accept double post in a similar websites or same configurations websites...

  • Never accept a post which was posted in adult sites or illegal acts.....

  • Never accept  free Php config sites as its don’t create a separate page for your ad are there for search engine unable to make index for this type of ad...

  • Never accept a ad posted in low traffic sites.....

  • Ad must valid for 30days .....  

  • Must be Accuracy more then 95%. Below to 95% accuracy Account will be block...

  • Deposit Is Non Refundable..

  • If  you agree these terms and conditions So apply for this job..


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